Li Thomas

Artifact Hunter Wielding Powerful Sword


Artifact Hunter Wielding Powerful Sword
My Megalomaniacal Estranged Father wants to Control Me
Beholden to Ryujin
Something to Prove
Weaponmaster Expert
I’m the Backup
Honest Face

Psychometry (-1)
Supernatural Speed (-1) – Catch Sunlight, power granted by sword
Supernatural Recover (-2) – Catch Sunlight, power granted by sword
Cloak of Shadows (-0) – Catch Sunlight, power granted by sword
- Riposte
- Wall of Death
- Defender

+5 Weapons, Athletics
+4 Scholarship, Contacts
+3 Endurance, Might
+2 Intimidation, Drive, Conviction
+1 Resources, Stealth, Discipline, Investigation, Fists


Li is the child of an African American Professor of Japanese Culture and Language and a powerful Japanese millionaire (billionaire?) businessman with great interest in the arcane. Her father gave her a sword (age 15) with exceptional powers that he hoped she would awaken and would tie her further to him. When her mother and father got divorced (age 16), she moved away to America with her mother, against her father’s express command, and attempts to prevent her from leaving.

Her father continue to provide monetary support until Li turned 21, and refused his final demand to return home and take her place as his heir. He cut off all support to her, and swore she would return home properly, or she would suffer “final” consequences.

Having received extensive weapon training throughout her childhood, and some training of finding artifacts and procuring them, she began working with the owner at Dickson Street Bookstore, who was knowledgeable of the world living right along that of everyday mortals. Their goals align in the procurement of dangerous artifacts that should be kept out of other’s hands. Li is particularly vehement about preventing her father or any of his agents from getting any artifacts, though she is loathe to travel for fear of being removed from the relative safety (she believes) of those who can help protect her from her father.

She believes it’s possible her mother has something to do with her father not physically abducting her, though she has fought off attacks she believes may have originated from him to begin with.

She met with an actress named Snowy Globes when she needed a roommate for the flat she was staying in when her father cut her monetary resources. Fortunately, Snowy was already in the know, perhaps more so than Li, which made life much easier for Li without having to hide that aspect of her life. However, it did not make life easier in the sense that she was drawn into a great many of Snowy’s problems because she didn’t want her friend’s life endangered.

She also met another friend who helped her recover a set of hexenwolf belts with his impressive battle prowess. Because Li has difficulty connecting to people emotionally, she values the friends she has. She may not open up about her past with them, but she is pretty free regarding information about things in the present. Most of her friends are aware of her sword and it’s capabilities, though she does let her acquaintances believe the powers granted by the sword are actually hers.

Her sword is a very serious spirit (though it’s full character, desires, and abilities are unknown to Li) who’s powers are suppressed in direct sunlight. It tends to warn Li to avoid conflict it believe will end poorly for them, though Li is not sure of it’s exact motives for keeping her as it’s bearer.

Li Thomas

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