Laurel Guildre

New Police Captain


Tallish and broad shouldered, Laurel projects an image of all business, and despite her belief in the supernatural, she is actually a bit naive regarding everything Other.


Laurel went through two tours of duty within the Air Force before becoming a police officer within the Chicago ranks. She was doing well and had attained Lieutenant before her career stagnated due to her friendship with too many who had been relegated to Special Investigations. After the last Captain resigned, Laurel was brought to the attention of the NWA commissioner who was spooked by recent events and was pleased to find a Captain who would take such things seriously.

She’s new to the responsibilities of Captain and not all of her officers fall in line with her new rules. There is a small group who scoffs at her creation of an SI force in Fayetteville and staunchly disbelieves anything arcane.

Laurel Guildre

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