Fang of the Dragon

The Fang of the Dragon: -4

-0 It Is What It Is: The Fang of the Dragon is actually a fang granted by a dragon to his Emissary. It looks like a walking stick to mundanes, but is actually a large over sized tooth and is treated like a Weapon: 3.

-0 Unbreakable: As an Item of Power, it cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose. How this manifests may vary; the item may be breakable but able to repair itself, or it may simply refuse to be fractured.

-2 Inhuman Strength: You are able to lift more and hit harder than the average human can, due to your supernatural heritage. Skills Affected: Might

Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +3 to your Might score.
Roll Might at +1 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling. This also allows you to inflict a 2-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.
Whenever using your Might to modify another skill, it always provides a +1 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.
With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons, etc.), you are at +2 to damage, increasing the stress dealt by two on a successful hit.

-1 Wings: You have leathery wings like a dragon – enabling you to fly. Skills Affected: Athletics

You can fly, eliminating or reducing the certain kinds of boarders and enabling travel upward into zones that can’t normally be reached. Winged flight is governed by the Athletics skill, just as running is.

-0 Human Guise: Congratulations, you pretty much look like everyone else. Skills Affected: Discipline

You have supernatural abilities that give you an appearance that’s noticeably, often horrifically, different from normal folks. With this ability, you are able to take on a human guise that conceals your supernatural nature from mundane senses. Your other abilities are still technically available to you, unlike Human Form. The moment you choose to use your powers, the human guise drops away. So as long as do not use your abilities, you do not give away your nature to mundane senses – though under times of great stress or high emotion, you may be called on to make a Discipline roll to keep the guise in place.

-2 Channeling: Air: As an Emissary, you were deemed necessary to use some sort of magic, but since you are not strong enough to cast spells without help, the Dragon gave you one of his Fangs. Attaining this Fang allows you to wield power to control the winds and air.

-1 Invisible Edge: You can use Weapons instead of Discipline to control spells cast using the Fang of the Dragon’s Channeling ability.

+2 One Time Discount: You regain two points of refresh for “externalizing” some of your abilities in the form of the Item of Power. This assumes that the Item of Power is reasonably obvious and easy to detect, like a sword. If the item is difficult to detect, allowing concealment, you only regain one point of refresh. This discount only happens once, even if you have multiple separate Items of Power.The refresh cost of the any abilities “attached” in this way must be at least –3 in the case of the +2 option, or at least –2 in the case of the +1 option. In effect, this says that the net result of taking the Item of Power ability should still decrease your refresh— just less so.

Focus Items:
Tear of Air: Allows for a +2 Conviction and is attached to the pommel of the Fang.

Fang of the Dragon

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