Snowy Globes

Norse Demi-God Porn Star


High Concept:
Porn Star Grand Daughter of Skadi

On the run from from White Court

Other Aspects:
Black Sheep
In debt to Skadi
No one suspects the bimbo
Tougher than I look
Debutante Diplomat

Superb: Conviction, Rapport
Great: Discipline, Presence
Good: Endurance, Empathy, Lore
Fair: Resources, Deceit, Intimidatio
Average: Athletics, Alertness, Contacts

Sex Appeal

Channeling (Cryomancy/Water) Specialty(1/1)
Thaumatergy (complexity +2)
Super Natural Recovery (catch Sea Water)

Physical 4
Mental 4 (Two mild consequences allowed)
Social 4 (Two mild consequences allowed)

Item Slots: 4
Steel Sigiled Bracelet (Left Hand, 2 Slots, +2 Power)
Silver Sigiled Bracelet (Right Hand, 2 Slots, +2 Control)

Rote Spells
Cold Feet (6 shifts, 1 mental stress)
5 Shift, 2 Exchange, movement block
Hoar Frost
+2 armor, 3 exchanges

Refresh: 3


Part 1: The Cold Shoulder
Setting: Alta Norway
Charecters: Kari Frysing, Silje Frysing (Snowy), Skadi

Silje’s mother, Kari, is a half mortal daughter of Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter, vengeance, hunting, and skiing. Kari was raised by her father, a sacrifice to Skadi, and never wanted anything to do with her divine mother. When she had a child of her own she decided to tell her nothing of her heritage and raise her as a mortal, turning her back on her pagan heritage. Silje was raised in a very strict orthodox Christian home, but she took after Skadi in many ways and clashed with her mother and her upbringing. When, as a young girl, she began to develop her supernatural powers she knew that she would have to hide them from her family and went to the woods to practice on her own. It was here that, unbeknownst her, Silje met Skadi for the first time.

Skadi became something of a mentor for the young girl and helped her learn to control and focus her powers, and also to teach her about her pagan roots. On Silje’s 18th birthday Skadi revealed who she was, and offered Silje a small slice of golden apple. She explained that if she took the apple she would be accepting her nature as the granddaughter of Skadi, her powers would fully mature and it would grant her longevity and health.

Silje barely hesitated before taking the gift and consuming it. A few seconds after swallowing a warmth spread throughout her entire body. Suddenly she didn’t feel the cold any more and her already light blonde hair lightened to white platinum color. Her magic, something that had always been present but felt like a struggle to channel, seemed to fill her and be waiting at her fingertips, and she was glad for all of the, seemingly pointless, control lessons Skadi had made her endure.

Excited and flush with power Silje ran to hug Skadi, failing to notice the odd smug smile that had crept over her normally placid features. After showing Silje some of what her new found abilities could do Skadi sent her home to rest. Even though Silje protested about not feeling tired, Skadi insisted and so Silje ran back to her house, intending to continue playing with her newly awakened abilities. She ran all the way home and was delighted that she wasn’t even breathing hard despite the difficulty of running through packed snow. Her elation quickly turned to confusion though when she found herself unable to open the door. It wasn’t that it was locked, she seemed to be unable to even touch the handle. It was as if some invisible barrier was stopping her hand an inch from the door knob.

Silje called out for her mother and after a few minutes the front door was violently flung open and Kari stood in the threshold teeth clenched and face flushed with anger. In a trembling voice Silje called out for her mother but fell back under the force of the glare she received. From behind her Skadi stepped out of the woods and demanded to know if Kari was going to reject her own daughter. During the following exchange Silje discovered who Skadi was, that her own mother had rejected Skadi, and that she was now rejecting Silje in the same way. It seemed that befriending Silje and offering the apple were all part of a longer ploy for vengeance against Kari. For her part Kari told Silje that she was a demon spawn now and unwelcome in her home. She then promptly slammed the door leaving Silje sitting in the snow crying.

Unsympathetic, and more than a little smug, Skadi offered Silje her hand and invited her to come to the mountains with her, but Silje refused. She felt betrayed and used by the two people she was closest to and wanted nothing to do with either of them. Instead she ran back down the mountain and to the train station and snuck on board the first train she came across.

Part 2: On the Gravy Train
While waiting for the train to leave the station Silje hid in a bathroom stall. At first she was angry at her mother for rejecting her and Skadi for using her, but it didn’t take long for sorrow to overwhelm anger and the tears to start flowing. After a few minutes crying gave way to dry sobs and Silje noticed that the train was moving. She got up and was in the midst of washing her face with cool water when some one knocked on the door and a quiet voice called from the other side, “Excuse me. Is everything okay in there?”

“Yes,” Silje called back, “I’ll be right out,” and with a last glance in the tiny compartment mirror she opened the door and stepped out. In the passageway outside the stall were an a
attendant and a middle aged woman with a pinched face. The woman glared at Silje as she passed by before going into the stall and slamming the door. The attendant just looked apologetic and directed Silje toward the seats before turning back to his duties. As she forward in the car Silje realized that she had no idea where the train was headed, or if it was reservation required not. Noticing three vacant seats Silje picked one and hoped it wasn’t the woman in the restroom’s. Unfortunately luck was not smiling on her and not long after she had settled down she saw the woman stop and loom over her.
“What are you doing in my seat!” The woman demanded.
“I’m sorry,” Silje mumbled, “I must have gotten mixed up, I’ll move.”
The woman, either nother hearing or choosing to ignore the young girl, began calling for the guard in a shrill voice. Silje stood and tried to squeeze past the woman, but she wouldn’t budge and the scene had quickly started to draw attention from the rest of the car.
The door at the front of the car opened and a man in a guards uniform stepped into the car heading toward Silje and the yelling woman. Silje, quite frightened now, felt her fingers growing cold as her magic responded to her rising panic. Thankfully disaster was averted when a man who looked to be in his late 20’s stood up and intercepted the guard. Silje noticed that he seemed to hand the m by guard something when he shook hands and then in a louder than necessary voice began apologizing for his sister. He then turned to Silje grabbed her forearm and pulled her past the othere woman. “This way sis, I told you to pay attention to your seat number.”
Turning back to the guard he continued, “Silly girl, it’s her first overnight train and she is excited, sorry for the bother everyone.” The man kept smiling and making similar excuses as he led Silje to his seat and gently pushed her toward the empty seat opposite him.

(To be continued)

Snowy Globes

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