Rhiannon Nicks

Sidhe Changeling Car Mechanic


High Concept Aspect
Granddaughter of Kringle

Trouble Aspect
“Players only love you when they’re playing”
Daughter of a favored Winter Court lieutenant

Phase Aspects
“The Ghost Mechanic”
Ghosts need to be worked on, too.
“Edge of Seventeen”
Rhiannon loses her mom and finds herself.
“Two-Thirds a Coven”
Rhiannon and her friend hone their skills with Avery.
“Never Going Back Again”
Lancelot has a close encounter
“Little Lies”
Li finds a new mechanic

Superb: Conviction, Driving
Great: Fists, Contacts
Good: Discipline, Presence
Fair: Lore, Alertness, Rapport
Average: Guns, Empathy, Athletics, Endurance, Resources

Stunts & Powers
Unseelie Magic
Ghost Speaker

Physical 3; Mental 4; Social 4


“She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark and when the sky is starless”

Rhiannon is a car mechanic with a fairly mundane day-to-day life. She gets up every morning at 6:30am, goes to the World Tree for breakfast, goes to work at Honda Pro, then goes home to her little house in the Park District. On the weekends, she gardens, perennials and evergreens mostly. She goes to happy hour with her best friend (and lawyer) Christine. She regularly visits her mother, and runs errands for her and her friends. She studies Krav Maga and sometimes practices at Jericho’s. She enjoys walking, especially at night, often in cemeteries. Sometimes she goes clubbing with her more colorful friends, which sometimes causes issues and makes her blood boil.

Just a normal, single working girl in her 30s.

Rhiannon Nicks

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