Julian Drake

Instructor Dragon Emissary


High Concept: Instructor Dragon Emissary

Trouble Aspect: Lost Child Of The Fae

Phase Aspects:
Background: No More Clownin’ Round!
Rising Conflict: But I’m Not A Wizard
The Story: Everyone Has His Price, But What’s Mine?
Guest Star: And I Thought I was Quick
Guest Star Redux: Strange Luck

Skills: 35/35
Superb (5) – Endurance, Weapons
Great (4) – Conviction, Alertness
Good (3) – Investigation, Athletics
Fair (2) – Contacts, Presence, Lore
Average (1) – Discipline, Scholarship, Stealth, Resources, Rapport

Granted through unknown Fae heritage
-1 Supernatural Recovery -4 (Catch – Cold Iron +3)
-2 Inhuman Speed

-1 Marked By Power (Dragon Tattoo)

Items of Power: Fang of the Dragon -4
-0 It Is What It Is
-0 Unbreakable
-1 Wings
-0 Human Guise
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Channeling: Air (Focus Items – Tear of Air)
-1 Invisible Edge
+2 One Time Discount

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Refresh: 2 (10, -8 Powers/Stunts)

Mild Any -2 Stress
Mild Physical -2 Stress
Moderate Any -4 Stress
Severe Any -6 Stress
Extreme Any -8 Stress


- I never knew my family and was adopted by an old woman.
- The old woman died under mysterious circumstances.
- Her son came and raised me, I became class clown and was in trouble a lot.
- Began searching for natural family, still looking.

Rising Conflict:
- Mr. Drake told me he was a Dragon and asked me to be his Emissary and protect his interests.
- I was branded, given strength, and handed a walking stick known as the Fang of the Dragon.
- A jewel glimmered as I tried to wield the weapon as a weapon.
- Told I was granted Air Channeling and forced to training, but I am not a Wizard!

The Story:

Guest Star: Fang Hunted, Artifacts Found – Starring Li Thomas
Artifact Hunter Li was tracking the aura of a mythical artifact called the Fang of the Dragons and noted that it kept moving throughout Fayetteville and then outside of her area. Will she succeed in attaining the legendary artifact?

Julian Drake had learned how to unlock the Fangs ability to increase his strength for the first time when fighting a Were-beast, but a woman appeared on the scene looking like she shadow-danced and took the kill, then demanded that he hand over my Fang, of course he did not, instead of giving her the Fang, he agreed to help her if she ever needed it.

Guest Star Redux:

Julian Drake

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