The Fateville Files

Drug Bust III

From the Journals of Avery Hamilton III, Wizard

October 21st, 2013

The confrontation with Jimmy is today, as will the discovery of the least member of the Scourge. Great changes are in store for the Hunter, it should be interesting to observe the process. <illegible> and her party are in for a difficult time these next few months, and I have received Mail today. He is coming. I must have been too obvious in my efforts against the Scourge, or perhaps that bastard of a Sidhe told Him that I have begun to be active in Fayetteville again.

The Vampires were easily defeated, although it appears that the Hunter made a deal with <illegible> for the ax. I was wondering who was hiding it from my divinations even the Mail was unable to tell me. This is good though, with luck the bonding process will be complete before Jeeves’ Day Off and I will be able to use the newly awakened Avatar against Him.

HE WAS HERE. I almost failed to drive him off, I had to summon more Jeeves in order to do so, the additional days off will be a bother, I’ll have to take precautions and the Avatar was unable to come to blows with Him before He escaped. The Avatar broke Her table. One fewer thing for me to remember Her by. The House is becoming more difficult to maintain. I’m not sure how long I can maintain my grip on it. Without Her is it worth it? Should I go to join Her? She wanted me to live…but it has be so, so terribly lonely without Her. I think that I shall go on a retreat while Jeeves takes his time off. Time away from the House will be good. Perhaps I can find something for Her while I am Out.



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