The Fateville Files

Drug Bust II

From the Journals of Avery Hamilton III, Wizard

October 20th, 2013

The group has decided to attempt to beard the local White Court potentate in his own den. I find the course of action unwise, however the Hunter and Sword Bearer are unsubtle souls and have settled on this course of action after several attempts to gather information from an intermediate named “Jimmy.”

Jeeves has informed me that Jimmy is the son of a local mortal that has great influence with the law enforcement offices here in Fayetteville, I will have to see if leveraging my own influence will prove a match. It should be an interesting contest, perhaps I should enlist the services of <illegible> to assist me again. She was quite effective at distracting them the last time I showed up with her on my arm.

After visiting Jericho’s horridly squalid little pit of blood sport I have secured an agreement from him to do no harm to the Rabbi unless directly provoked. Not my best bargain but I also was able to obtain several pills containing the Troll Potion and I doubt that Jericho realizes who he has agreed with. Jeeves was out of sight at the time, most fortuitous.

We retired to the World Tree Tavern to discuss our options for forcing the mortal boy, Jimmy, from selling this Troll Potion outside of the brawling pits at Jericho’s. The Sword Bearer and her Companion have brought in the help of a local mortal Pinkerton to assist us via mortal law, although I doubt that will be effective. I did quite enjoy trying some of my latest inventions out though! Invaluable field testing!

We had Taco Bell. It was good.



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