The Fateville Files

Drug Bust

From the Journals of Avery Hamilton III, Wizard

October 19th, 2013

Jeeves reports that the Rabbi has once again sent lesser talents and mortals into danger to try and drive off a supernatural threat. I must remember to keep an eye on them, they may not be able to handle the tasks.

I was right, Malachi sent them to take care of what looked like an innocent drug over dose that was in reality caused by a potion created from some sort of troll essence.

Troll Potion: It provides strength and regeneration to the imbiber, but at tremendous stress to the body. If the mixture is off the sudden surge in mass and muscle causes the heart to give out.

The effects fade quickly so that a normal autopsy reveals little. I may have missed it my self if the Sword Bearer had not noticed that the victim’s cigarette case had several pills (Note: Potion in solid form, difficult to do but an effective way to conceal and transport if you can manage it) concealed in a false home roll. Examination proves that it may be an effective way to grow those guppies that I promised to <illegible>, I shall have to obtain some for further research. For now I shall continue to keep an eye on the group that Malachi’s agent, <illegible> has recruited to assist herself in tracking down the distributor of this potion.



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